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Thread: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

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    Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    I recently completed a set on commission for War in the Age of Magic, a 15mm fantasy miniatures game.

    This first piece is a Graveyard, I'll post the rest in this thread shortly.

    I haven't actually played through this game, thought a quick read through the rules was interesting. It is played on a 7'x5' grid battlefield, and each player's army gets to use one piece of custom terrain, in addition to the terrain on the field.

    This was my first time making stuff for 15mm scale, and I had alot of fun!

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    Re: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    Nice looking graveyard... is the back meant to match op with other terrain pieces ?

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    Re: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    Here are the next set of pieces for this group: Illusions

    These are the Illusion Markers for War in the Age of Magic, a 15mm scale Fantasy miniatures game. The controlling player places three of these on existing terrain sections to indicate that they may be an illusion.

    The Illusions are a set of three, made with foamcore, pink insulation foam, MDF and painted with acrylics. The cotton is used to represent clouds over a mountain range. The illusions are not really meant to be in 15mm scale, but a flat representation of something the soldiers might see off in the distance when viewed from their point of view on the table top. My goal was to create something that did not look quite real, to give it a flat quality befitting an illusion or mirage.

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    Re: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    N810, sorry I did not respond to you earlier. The Graveyard is meant to sit against the table edge; but I will be making more pieces that go with it, and those will be "free standing" (no cut-off edge). I might make one that connects with this one at that point.

    Here is another piece for this set: the Chasm of DOOOOOOOM!!!

    Pink foam, mdf, sand, acrylics flock. I always use hot glue these days for attaching foam to the mdf.

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    Re: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    I love the illusions, great style to them.

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    Re: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    Thanks Olith!

    Here are the last ones in this set, visit the Valley of Isk for more details and bigger pics.
    While you are there, sign up to follow my ongoing terrain project updates!!

    Storm Cloud

    Sacred Shrine

    Foggy Bog

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    Re: Dalanshin's 15mm Fantasy Terrain

    awesome stuff!

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