Thanks a lot for the info, Reinholt!
Just one question concerning the WotR Apocalypse issue: On average, how much will the battlehosts cost? I.e. will they be the new core of a normal 1500-2000 point army?
I hope so, as it seems to bring "weaker" choices on par with the strong ones, therefore helping to balance one of the main issues of the ruleset...!

@ ForgottenLore:
Reinholt gave us 43 battlehosts, the GW-site speaks of 59, so probably we'll see some more Misty Mountains.

My guess would be:
2+ for Misty Mountains/Dwarfs
1+ Rohan/Angmar (though I'm not sure with the latter, there isn't much choice within the Angmar list)
So we'd have at least 4 battlehosts for each faction (not counting forgotten kingdoms), with another 7 left!

Anyone up for a round of pure speculation?
- Peleanor battlehost, including the all the characters, right now Eowyn and Meriadoc are missing completely. And weren't there some Wose (another poor choice right now) around, too?
- Helms deep battlehost, to give rohan one infantry choice (oathsworn militia, etc.)

Forgotten Kingdoms:
- Gwahir and his eagles

Dwarf Holds:
- A Moria Battlehost, based around Balin
- ?

- Shakur and his Wargriders seem to be missing...

Misty Mountains:
- Spider Queen + lots of Spiders + Broodlings
- Depending of whats in the other Battlehosts, I could imagine ambushing goblins, trolls, white wargs (there's a shire host, too) or something about the dragon...

- Necromancer host, combining the spirit choices of the two lists...

Your thoughts?