a friend just bought Imperial Armour I and II - looking through we came across the Damocles Rhino.

This costs 60 points, and in Apocalypse gives the Strategic Asset orbital bombardment (it also lets any friendly deepstriking units anywhere re-roll the scatter dice as long as it is alive).

Apparently you can have a strategic asset from a unit or formation even if you already chose it in Apocalypse set up.

Now I know Apocalypse is generally regarded as being massively imbalanced and just for a laugh anyway, but 60 points for one of the good Assets (vauled in Apoc at 250 points), plus a secondary ability thats well worth 60 points anyway seems to be going a bit far even for Apocalypse.

Also it could be argued (although we are definitely houseruling otherwise) that since you can get a SA from a unit or vehicle even if you have it already, you could just buy loads of Damocles to get a sick number of bombardments.

Has anyone had experience of Damoclese Rhino Bombardment Spam Cheese? Does anyone rule you can have 1 bombardment per damocles, and if so does it break the game as much as I think it will?