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Thread: 8th Skulls Cohort (Blood Pact) by Volchek

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    8th Skulls Cohort (Blood Pact) by Volchek

    I present to you, my fellow Warseer viewers, my Blood Pact army. While it is mostly finished I still have some stuff to get done, mainly a psyker, 5 more troops, and 3 more heavy weapons. And another Chimera when the new kit is released in March. Eventually I'll convert 3 or 4 WFB Ogre Bulls or Leadbelchers into Chaos Ogryns for an Ogryn squad. I love the Forgeworld Ogryns but I don't wanna spend that kind of money, and I prefer to work with plastic anyway.

    I had wanted to get some in progress shots of my conversion work prior to painting, but old digital camera quit working. So I had to wait until the Christmas sale season here in the states to get a new digital camera. By that time I was already into the painting stage on almost everything in the force.

    A number of months ago, when I mentioned to Vepr that I was building an IG army, he mentioned something about traitor guard and "Blood Pact." Up until that time I hadn't read any 40K novels and had just finished a chaos space marines force. Not having played 40K since 2nd edition, I was oblivious to what the Blood Pact were. So I found a few plogs and my interest was immediate...and obsessive. I bought "The Armour of Contempt" by Dan Abnett so I could get a feel for how the Pact operated as a military force.

    Well...I realized quickly that Dan Abnett was a fantastic writer and I was hooked on Gaunt's Ghosts. So as soon as I finished that book I bought both "The Founding" and "The Saint," and the 2 novels prior to "The Armour or Contempt," then after I finished all those I bought "Only in Death."

    Ok so you're prolly thinking "Dude, why were you wasting time reading when you coulda been painting!?" Well, I like background. As much as I can get if I plan on building an army for a wargame. And I'm an avid reader so it didn't take long for me to read all of the Gaunt's Ghosts series.

    Before mentioning my IG army to Vepr I had already started painting some infantry squads with a Soviet WW2 paint scheme. Well...that time painting was a waste. I stripped off the paint and was set to start painting them in a Blood Pact theme...except for one small issue...


    So I was, naturally, discouraged at how I could paint a blood crimson army at a decent pace when, up until this point, painting red had been a miserable and time consuming experience. I had lots of stuff to paint and I'm a gaming purist of sorts, I don't play with unpainted miniatures. Just a personal preference for me. I was like "Holy Crap I'll never get to play my Blood Pact cause I'll never get them painted!"

    So I looked around on different 40K and WFB forums for a tips and pointers. Most of what I found were solid methods but still too time consuming for my tastes.

    A few days later I stopped by the FLGS (aka Gigabites) just to look around for inspiration. A patron and the store owner were painting some IG, the patron was picking away at a Blood Pact force. So I picked their brains and the owner suggested using Baal Red over a Mechrite Red base. But that involved hand painting every miniature. Damn...stymied again...but the Baal Red provided some options. I had used Ogryn Flesh before so I knew the GW washes were ace.

    I thought back to when I had painted germans and russians for Flames of War and how I had accomplshed painting large numbers of troops and vehicles at a rapid pace and got good results.

    Hmmm...could I drybrush red over flat black or a dark brown? Nah...wouldn't be vibrant enough or would take a few coats on each minature...

    Could I get some type of burgundy spray paint and use it as a base? Possibly, but finding a flat burgundy spray paint would be difficult.

    Wait..what about a red-brown automobile primer? It's flat, drybrushing red on it would prolly work decent enough, but the drybrushing would be pretty stark. And most reds are kinda thin. OK time to test a few things.

    I decided to use Krylon's Ruddy Brown primer as my base, drybrush it with P3 Skorne Red, and wash it with Baal Red. Grabbed a few old miniatures from games I no longer play and used them as my test figures.

    Looked good! But not quite dark red enough.
    Added a 2nd heavier wash of Baal Red.

    BAM! That was it! SUCCESS!!!!

    From that point I went crazy priming, painting, and washing. Used the same method on my vehicles, except brushing on Baal Red was difficult as the wash had a tendency to pool. Having a small compressor I bought a cheap single action airbrush and used it to spray wash my vehicles with a 3:1 mix of Baal Red and Ogryn Flesh. BAM! Success #2! I had overcome my aversion to painting red!

    So from that point forward I plowed through my force, getting the red painting done. After that I just picked out the details (Flesh, Equipment, Weapons) and used the GW washes to speed things up. While my army isn't Golden Daemon quality, it's table top quality and fully painted and based.

    So after that long-winded back story, on to the pictures!
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