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Thread: British Falklands/ Cold War DPM

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    Re: British Falklands/ Cold War DPM

    Quote Originally Posted by Mabbz101 View Post
    The Falklands wasn't a cold war.........
    I know that it wasn't (although it was bloody cold as I understand it), I'm trying to multi purpose some minis - the Gripping Beast figures were sculpted as a Falklands range, my aim is to use them in a What If? Cold War scenario set somewhere in Eastern Germany ish in the mid 80's, but have the option of using them for the Falklands too.

    Sadly there doesn't seem much 28mm for this period easily available now that Mongrel has seemingly faded away :cries:.

    If of course anyone has some of those Mongrel figures (Brits or Soviets) lying around and wants to part with them, just PM me

    EDIT : oh and thanks in advance on the source photos - much appreciated
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