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    Rabies shots hurt!

    Sunday night was probably one of the worse nights I have ever had. After I finished taking a shower I deiced to go and spend some time with my dog. He starts to knock on my back door, so I let him into the back yard thinking he was to pee, after about ten minutes I hear him growling and barking. I go out and call to him and he doesn't come I get worried, and deiced to go get him. I eventually find him behind my garage, which has about a feet of snow on it. I wade through the snow to get him and find that he his fighting a possum. I run to get him and as I reach for him the possum bits me on my right hand. I grab my bog and run into the house, at this point my hand is bleeding profusely from a number of bits on my hand and my mother rush me to the emergency room of my local hospital.

    At the hospital they get the bleeding under control, luckily I didn't need any stitches, but I had to get Rabies vaccinated. This actually took the whole night because they actually didn't have it at this hospital and I had to wait until they got a delivery, they wouldn't discharge me without getting the shots. So at around 3 in the morning the delivery finally came and I received the shots. I got three in my hand around the bit area, one in the shoulder, which really hurt because they used an extra long needle, and one in my butt. I still need to get four more shots and have to go back to the hospital to get them, I am also now a health risk to the town and have to inform my towns health department every time I got to the doctor until I'm finish with the treatment, by law I have to finish the treatment so I can get into big trouble if I don't get all the shots and inform town that I have gone to the hospital at the appointed days.

    Despite the fact that my town is only a suburb we have a large wildlife community that includes, possums, squirrels, rabbits, rats, mice, raccoons, groundhogs, wild dogs and cats, and sometimes foxes and deers. So it was only a matter of time that someone on my block would be bitten by something, because of my crappy luck it was me.
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