Hello, I can't start a thread.

I have some information regarding the development of a Necron codex. I do not normally come on Warseer, but thought you would appreciate this information – hence the small number of posts. You have no reason to put faith in me – and I am not prepared to prove my validity at potential detriment to my career. I do not want to specify my exact employment with Games Workshop for this reason.

Necrons have completed the initial concept phase of their line expansion. Release schedule is currently for January 2011.

This conceptual phase has been stop-start for some time – it is a product range that has massive potential, and Games Workshop have been very uncertain of the most lucrative theme by which to capitalise on its fanbase. The development is considered a high-risk investment – a commitment problem that the team is well aware of, and is exacerbated by there being multiple such high-risk line expansions currently being pursued.

3 multi-part plastic kits have been finalised as:

- Immortals
- Spyders
- The Necromancer

Immortals are on a large (35mm) base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic.

Spyders have 3 different builds

The Necromancer is the central sell of the line expansion and has been the focus of much of the early design process. It has been through several incarnations (and names), but is essentially of the same principle as the Bone Giant for the Warhammer Fantasy range. It has a mechanised skeletal torso housing a suspended crystal, and will likely have a choice between two horrific weapons.

That is all the information I can disclose. I will not post any more.

I would like to add that development staff are getting very frustrated by headquarters’ increasingly tyrannical policies – within and between departments – with regards to information restriction. It’s absurd, and unnecessary.