This is not a topic on Assassins in Corsair units, but mainly a discussion of both the units.

The two main questions I have are relatively straightforward.

One: Would this setup of Assassin

Assassin with additional hand weapon, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine, Black Lotus and Repeater Handbow 181

be completely pointless against Skaven? I can see it being a waste of points and upgrades seeing as I'm forfeiting getting Poisoned wounds to instead get a relatively high chance to get a Killing Blow or two. I think it's pointless since I doubt I'll be facing many multi-wound models I can KB anyway, and RnF models have such a crappy save that ignoring their AS seems a bit pointless.

Two: With these Corsairs

22 Black Ark Corsairs with 2 hand weapons, full command, 2 Handbows on Reaver and Sea Serpent Standard 273

would it be better fielding them 7x3 with 1 left over or 5x4 with 2 left over?
Also, please no "Drop the Corsairs for Warriors". I despise Warrior models (mainly the big hands) so I'll only use RxBs and Corsairs, among Harpies.

Sorry, it's quite late here and this has just been niggling in my mind.