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Thread: the AS186 air compressor: i need help!

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    the AS186 air compressor: i need help!

    not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. (if not, please move to the appropriate forum)

    just got delivery of an AS186 air compressor and airbrush and i can't seem to get the regulator to set the working pressure to correct setting. it's got an auto shut-off for filling the air tank but i can't seem to get it to fill up and shut off at 20psi.

    can anyone help?
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    Re: the AS186 air compressor: i need help!

    Looks to be the same one as mine except you have a tank.

    The black plastic bit next to the guage pops up and turns letting you set it to the right pressure. Switch it on and fiddle accordingly
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    Re: the AS186 air compressor: i need help!

    The regulator controls your working pressure, the pressure the will come out of your airbrush. The tank pressure is not controlled by knob on the regulator/trap. There is a pressure switch that controls when the compressor starts and stops. The end user can not adjust this.

    From what I see on the net your compressor will turn off when the tank gets to about 60 PSI and will turn on again when the tank gets to/below 30 PSI.
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    Re: the AS186 air compressor: i need help!

    Exactly, using this compressor myself its a doddle to operate and having a regulator that locks in position is a nice touch so you don't accidently adjust your settings. The guage on your output will tell you the pressure you're operating at and NOT the tank pressure which is automatically regulated.

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