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    Arrow Death Korps of Krieg - Muddy Times

    Welcome to my Death Korps of Krieg Project Log.

    A short trip in the past:
    Some years ago I played some Fantasy Dwarfes for a while. After a while I got better at painting and didn't like all the old miniatures anymore so the Dwarfes were stored away. I tried Nightgoblins but because my Fantasy playing friends moved away I lost the interest in Fantasy.

    Fast forward:
    I had not much experience in playing to beginn with but I did love the painting and collecting. I painted several single miniatures - but no army anymore. When I painted Marneus Calgar and his crew for a friend of mine, I got interested in 40k. (Last year, after they were standing on his shelf for over a year and some fell down, he gave them to me as a birthday present - no, I don't think he thought they were ugly painted. :D)

    Why the Death Korps:
    I had painted some Imperial Guardsmen before because I like the background of the Imperial Guard and the numbers of patterns you could paint them. One day I saw the Death Korps and I knew I had to at least collect some of them. 3 month ago I saw that the "Siege of Vraks" Trilogy was complete and came in a nice slip case and I had some money "left" so this was a start signal.

    How to paint the Death Korps:
    From the beginning I had a very dark and gloomy image in mind. Unlike most of the DK armies I had seen on the internet, I wanted mine to look really dirty and muddy. Not like they just set their foot on the battlefield just a few minutes ago with no sign of dirt and wear. Yet, I didn't want to add dirt and mud as an excuse for a bad paintjob. I didn't want to cover them in mud to cover up an ugly painted miniature.

    I can say now, that my finished Korpsmen really look the way I imagined them in the beginning.

    The background:
    The Death Korps of Krieg combine characteristics and appearance of both sides fighting in WWI. They embody all the horror, brutality and contempt for mankind one could experience in trench warfare. This was the reason why I wanted to see them in mud. The places where I imagine them fighting look like Verdun and especially Passchendaele.

    Once I got an army to play with, I plan to build a table resembling these photos:

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