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    Osprey Publishing's Force-On-Force: gaming 1/72 scale "moderns" blog

    Hi everyone. After being into tabletop games for 17+ years it was about time for a change: next to my usual GW stuff I am now also loving to game Ambush Alley (and its expansion: Force-On-Force). They were intended for the current conflicts around the world but can be used for WW2 games as well as sci-fi. There are no codicies of any kind, nor are there any point costs for units. For this game you need to know history or invent it new.
    It's totally mission and scenario driven and having such a tactical depth that the Australian army even uses it to teach officers for some sort or project

    These rules allow to game in any scale with every sort of miniature. However, given the amount of kit out there I decided to go with the 20mm (~1/72 scale) way of gaming.
    If you want to find out more about the game, check out

    For sources of miniatures (except the well known scale kit makers) you can click my web-blog (see signature) and look at the upper right corner.

    In this thread I am going to show my work in progress as well as some already completed models.

    Armies you'll find in here are going to be:
    -US Army (up to date and also Desert Storm era)
    -Iraqi Republican Guard
    -Middle Eastern Insurgents (PLO, Hamas, Fedayeen Saddam, Taliban etc.)
    -ISAF contingent of the German Bundeswehr
    -China's PLA (no kidding, in 1/72)
    -Russian Forces GRU detachment (Spetsnaz)
    -and even more if I'll ever find the time.

    Stay tuned - I'll show some miniatures soon.

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