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    So, This Sanguinor Chap...

    Afternoon, all.

    I have just taken delivery of my brand new Blood Angels codex, and I have to say I'm enjoying it very much.

    One particular bit of fluff in there fired my imagination with regard to the identity and origin of the Sanguinor. The tale I refer to is called Blood on Khartas and features a return of Sanguinius' old foe Ka'Bandha.

    The below snippet sparked my interest:

    "The Sanguinor was far swifter than his foe, gracefully evading each swing of Ka'Bandha's rune axe, almost as if he knew every feat of which the beast was capable..."

    An interesting hint.

    With the Legion of the Damned as a precedent, do you think it's possible that the Emperor somehow managed to preserve the escaping essence of Sanguinius in order for a part of him to manifest when his sons were really up the creek?

    I think it's an elegant, and quite moving, little notion to think there's a part of their primarch still looking after his beloved sons. What do you all think to this idea?
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