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Wow for army size. Thatīs going to be a heavy blow for your wallet if DE rumours turn out to be true...

Some close ups of the super heavies and the fliers would be nice.

Only worry for my wallet are the new models, I'll obviously want to buy them all to add them to this army, though I won't go as big as this army.

btw, I forgot to mention, but I suspect it's around 20k pts big, possibly more.
I stopped counting at 16k pts, back then I didn't have those flyers or any converted superheavy skimmers lol.

I was waiting for the thread to be approved by a mod to continue posting, close ups, updates, etc...

PS= I'll need quite a lot of time to post all the painted units lol, I might not even finish the update tonight.

*resumes posting*

Nemesis, basically a big talos

more Nemesis & SOul Cage pictures