Thanks for the great comments!

This army is so cool when you have it in front of you, I built it for apoc, but I do realise I might have overdone it , I've been painting it for the past 3 years and I'm slowly starting to paint apoc datasheets, I'll have several datasheets painted by the end of this year. I have other armies, but I'm 100% focussed on my Dark Eldar, so far I don't plan on stopping until everything is painted!

Ok! Superheavy close ups posted (above), now it's time to post some painted pictures!

I REALLY need to paint more troops, so far I can only complete 5 footslogging squads or 4 raider full squads.
I'm currenly painting warriors btw.

Don't forget I actually have around 500 warriors, shredder/blasters/splinter cannons/dark lances included. It's not my biggest concern, warriors are painted pretty fast, ravagers and raiders on the other side...