After encountering heavier than anticipated resistance from Tau forces on the frontier world Hereweare, Logan Grimnar found himself and his Wolf Guard cut off from the main Space Wolves force. With their transports destroyed, they fell back to a nearby industrial area to await extraction by Thunderhawk. However, as dawn broke, they found themselves beset by Tau forces; the Tau had chosen this very same factory complex as their command post, and both the local military commander and an Ethereal were present, along with Kroot auxiliaries and armoured support. The Space Wolves would just have to hold their position until help arrived

(This was a 1,500 point game, with the "take and hold" mission and the basic deployment (24" apart along the long table edges. The Tau player placed 2 objectives in open ground, while I, as the Space Wolf player, set mine up reasonably close to my lines. The forces were as follows:
Space Wolves:
Logan Grimnar
Njal Stormcaller in Terminator armour
2 squads of 5 Wolf Guard Terminators with an assault cannon
2 squads of 5 Wolf Guard Terminators with a heavy flamer

2 squads of 12 Fire Warriors with a Markerlight
2 squads of 10 Kroot with 6 Kroot Hounds
Army commander in Crisis suit with cyclic ion blaster, accompanying a squad of 3 Crisis Suits with burst cannon, missile pods and 4 shield drones
6 Stealth Suits with 5 burst cannon, one fusion blaster and 6 gun drones
2 Hammerheads with railguns and burst cannon
Piranha with fusion blaster)

The Terminators had to spend the entire battle advancing into enemy fire, taking a few casualties - both Wolf Guard with flamers were early casualties, disappointingly. Njal Stormcaller lived up to his name - for a while at the beginning of the battle, the Stealth Suits were grounded due to the rainstorm causing them to move as if through difficult ground. Njal and his squad made short work of the Piranha, which foolishly got close enough to be assaulted and destroyed. Njal's Living Lightning drew the attention of a nearby Warp denizen, but he shrugged off its assault with no ill effect.

In the middle of the board, one squad was reduced to one Wolf Guard with assault cannon, who managed to withstand the fire from a Hammerhead and 12 Fire Warriors before being cut in two by a railgun shell. On the left flank, two more squads led by Logan Grimnir himself forced the Battlesuits back, inflicting one or two wounds as they did so. One squad was assaulted by a squad of Kroot, but fought them off and annihilated them.

As the battle unfolded, Njal's unnatural storm intensified into a cyclone, forcing the Stealth Suits to fall back, and routing a Fire Warrior squad from the field altogether, despite the calming presence of an Ethereal. His bodyguard died around him, and he finally succumbed to overwhelming firepower from the Stealth Suits, despite his eldritch lightning overloading the gun drones's systems.

After fighting off the surprise Kroot assault, the Wolf Guard on the left flank managed to assault and destroy the battlesuits, although return fire from the Fire Warriors destroyed them. Logan Grimnar, with his two remaining bodyguard, assaulted the Fire Warriors protecting the Ethereal in a fortified position. Their short-range fire force the Tau to duck for cover, so they managed to storm the position without taking defending fire. Inspired by Logan's warcry, the Fire Warriors were butchered, along with the Ethereal, although the Fire Warrior squad leader managed to hold out a little longer. As the rescue craft closed in, Logan Grimnar's bodyguard fought off a secon Kroot assault. They assaulted a Hammerhead which had moved to gain a line of fire, and one Wolf Guard punched through the tank's armour with his chanfist, eviscerating the driver and destroying the vehicle. Logan Grimnar and his last bodyguard were cut down in a hail of fire, minutes before the Space Wolf Thunderhawks arrived. The Tau had taken significant casualties, though, including their commanding officer and Ethereal. The remaining forces were in no position to fight off the delayed reinforcements, who managed to recover their dead and wounded comrades and evacuate the field.

The Terminators were hampered by a lack of transports, especially in the opening stages of the game. They were advancing into the open, but their heavy armour rendered that moot, as there was very little in the Tau army with AP2 or better. When they finally made it into melee, they proved their worth, especially with Logan granting his unit Preferred Enemy.

It was quite a close game; I managed to wipe out all the Tau Troops, so the only way he could win was to wipe me out. I had two Wolf Guard remaining until the last turn, which would have given me a win, but in the closing stages of the game, the remnants of theTau army concentrated their firepower on Logan and his two remaining Guard - I think in the end they took fire from 7 burst cannon, a railgun, 3 pulse carbines and a fusion blaster!

We totted up the Kill Points at the end of the game, just out of interest; despite the Space Wolves being annihilated, they inflicted nine Kill Points and suffered six in return.