Ok im just wondering about some different rules.

First off, the Ogre leadbelchers:

They need to stay put for 1 turn of the game to reload their cannons. Can they reload their cannons in a turn they rally? Like they cant move so i guess it would be cool if theycould do something useful that turn.

Then the Book of secrets. This makes your non sorcerer char a lvl 1 sorc. So does he generate 1 dispell and 1 power dice? And does he get a wound from for example a hellcannon misfire (which can give 1 wound to all sorcerors on the battle field)

Also a question about the Deamonic mounts in the chaos army. When i mount my char on for example a steed of slaneesh. Is the steed a large target? Also does the steed take a monster reaction (like dragons) if the rider is slain?

And finally would the bindings of slaneesh allow me to target a slann in a temple guard unit?

Thanks for your help