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    Historical Rules

    In a similar style to the Historical Figures list would people care to contribute to this thread for rules? - see quite a few posts asking for them, would be nice to have a comprehensive list. To start:

    Various Resources and free downloads - Other games listed with a * are also free to download. Useful for reviews Not all links work but all games are free to download free system for variety of eras with varient rules available Obvious first stop for those coming from GW games, lots of eras and scales catered for, Rules are generally well regarded and produced

    Note on Scales - unless specified Most historical rules allow you to chose which scale to play in although some may specify a base size for the miniatures to be placed on. Generally the larger the scope of the game the smaller the most suitable scale is (unless you have a very big table!)

    Ancient and Medieval Periods

    * Brytenwalda Free Download but nicely done rules for Medieval skirmish games


    Days of Knights (medieval) -

    DBMM Popular well established ruleset for variety of ancient periods usually played in 15mm scale, needs good understanding of rules to play
    DBA fast play version of above only needs a few figures (12 elements) and small table

    Field of Glory Osprey Publishing ruleset for ancients and Medieval with various supplements, increasingly popular at Games clubs suitable for 10/15mm scale

    * Impetus Well regarded, wide ranging rules up to Renaisance era - basic Rulest Free to download

    Maximillian Games Early Renaissance, specifically geared towards the Italian Wars.
    Maximilian Games

    Warhammer Ancients (WAB) 28mm scale rules based on warhammer (so useful entrypoint to historicals for some), various supplements for different eras from biblical through to medieval era V2.0 now available direct only

    Warmaster Ancients Epic Scale (2/6/10/15mm) based on GW Warmaster system with supplements for ancient and medieval lists

    Musket Era
    Age of Gunpowder - (Early Renaissance) -
    Age of Gunpowder

    1644 English Civil War rules by Rick Preistly

    Blackpowder Fastplay rules suitable for large games in variety of scales and periods, lists for ACW, Napoleonics etc. Quite generic and flexible

    * Elan Deluxe Complete and Free Napoleonics rules for variety of scales

    Field of Glory also make Renassaince-era rules geared for 15mm but also suitable for 28mm. Supplements available for specific conflicts/regions.Field of Glory

    Fire and Fury Usually mentioned as best ruleset specifically for AWI

    General de Brigade Well regarded popular Napoleonic Rules, 1 figure = 20 men commonly played in 15mm, V2 recently released

    LaSalle Division level Napoleonics, Grand Armee by same author for Army level actions
    discussion here:

    * March of Eagles Free rules for Napoleonic Infantry and artillery produced by Victrix for their figures - other rules available soon

    The Sword and the Flame Colonial Rules

    They Died For Glory Franco Prussian War (review)

    Warfare in the Age of Reason (still in print?)

    Washington's Wars Am. War of Independence - (can't find web page - still in print?)

    20th Century (up to WW2)

    Battlefield Evolution Mongoose publishing skirmish ruleset with versions for WW2 and Modern warfare, based on Starship Troopers rules

    * Canvas Eagles WWI aerial, Free Pdf download

    Check your Six! WW2 Aerial combat with modern era variant available for jet age, review:

    Command Decision Well established rules for WW2 in variety of scales, quite detailed //

    Disposable Heroes Small Action WW2 Skirmish game from Iron Ivan Games, modern era varients available

    Flames Of War Popular 15mm based system for company level WW2 games

    I Aint Been Shot Mum Well regarded WW2 Skirmish game

    Operation Squad Warlord's squad level WW2 skirmish game

    Rapid Fire Fastplay comprehensive rules for WW2 gaming

    Rules of Engagement WW2 skirmish ruleset with various supplements

    Victory At Sea Fastplay, fun WW1 / WW2 Naval rules by Mongoose Publishing

    Warhammer Panzer Battles 40k conversion for ww2

    Modern Era (post WW2)

    Ambush Alley Modern warfare rules for counter insurgency

    Cold war Commander Variant of Blitzkreig Commander above with large variety of 20th Century lists best suiited to 6/10/15mm scale
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