This battle report includes almost no details, pictures or even complete army lists as I’m doing it from hazy memory. Simply wanted to record one of the most fun and tactical battles I’ve ever fought.

Black Templars vs. Black Legion 1,000 Points

BT (Me)
Master of Sanctity with Melta Bombs
Champion with Uphold the Honour
Terminator Assault Squad with 3 x Claws, 3 x Hammers and Furious Charge
2 x 10 Crusader Squads with PF and CCs
Assault Bike Squadron 2 x HB and 1 x MM

BL (Foe)
2 x Daemon Prince Mark of Khorne
Dread with Reaper
4 x Termies with HF and Other Stuff
5 x Termies with HF and Other Stuff
2 x 5 ‘Zerker Squads

We rolled up Annihilation on a Dawn of War board. Why is it I always get DoW for Annihilation? Stupid dice. Anyway, our board was desert terrain with some low walls, a few low ruins and a small three levelled ruin in one corner. The length of the board was split by a road. Fairly sparse by our standards, maybe 10-15% scenery where we usually play 35-50%.

I got first turn.

I deployed my two Crusader units far forward with the Chapy in the unit at the centre of the board and the second slightly behind the raised ruins which were on the enemy side of the line. He deployed a DP and both Zerker squads more towards the left of the board – about twenty or so inches away.
I moved the Crusader squad near the ruins behind some low walls and slightly retreated the other squad with the imbedded Chapy. My plan here was to form a defensive line and force him to come at me across the walls. I deployed wider spread than that to force him to deploy on the clearer side of his area. He moved slightly forward in his turn, turning his army to face me. Absolutely nothing else happened.

Turn two I rolled reserves for my Champion, who entered as close to the two Crusader squads as possible. My goal was to attach him to the second squad, so that each would have a heavy hitter sitting with them. The two squads move slowly into the ruins and walls. The BLs got their second DP and the Dread on, the DP mooching over to stand short of next to the first and the Dread lumbering towards my naked Crusader squad. The first shooting of the game occurred – the Dread fired and missed, then failed to wound. It lumbers closer, followed by one scaredy-cat DP.

Turn three! Nothing has happened at all! I bring my bikes on, turbo boosting them around the far side of the board. I get my Termies on and strike them down slightly further away from his two Zerker squads rear than I wanted. No matter – the trap is sprung. The bikes and my Termies are the hammer, my Crusaders and characters in cover the anvil.

My naked Crusader squad move completely into cover and the second squad pull back slightly to pick up the Champion, as I’m concerned he’ll be picked off by teleporting Termies before he gets close enough.

The BLs do exactly what I expected – run like hell from the Terminators behind them. One DP makes it within two inches of my line by running but I’m not completely saved from an assault because the Dread connects with my naked squad. He kills three, then a lose two thanks to the stupid fearlessness of them in combat.

Turn four I hastily pull back my other squad and the characters. I don’t want to tango with those DPs until my hammer arrives. I move my Terminators closer but they are still too far away. The bikes zoom in, picking off two Zerkers. Combat continues with the Dread and I lose everything but Mr Fisty with the PF!

His smaller Termie squad lands near my remaining Crusaders. He hits them with everything and kills nothing. Oh dear, he’s a bit closer than he wanted to be. The two DPs sort of give him chase to the second squad, though they go real slow at it because he’s wondering what I’m up to. The Dread finally frees itself by killing valiant Mr Fisty.

Turn five! Terminators slowly… slowly… inch forward towards the ever retreating Zerkers and DPs. I now see they have no chance of ever arriving. The bikes blaze away, cutting down two more Zerkers. Damnit. I nearly had a point!

I shoot up the Termie squad with my Crusaders, taking out nothing (worth a go), then charge in there with a grin. My Champion butchers two then my Chapy beats the other two into dust without even breaking a sweat. Cue my foe wiping his brow. 1-1!

He lands his second Termie squad near my Crusaders. Again… too near! His shooting is a little better and he manages to take out a marine. Elsewhere, the Dread runs towards my surrounded squad and the unharmed Zerker squad surrounds the last member of the first squad so I can’t shoot him. Both DPs advance slowly towards the Crusaders. 2-1 to BT.

Turn six. The bikes move a bit, nail the Zerkers in hopes of scoring an easy point. They actually kill three. Better. Terminators inch forward, like slow death. My Crusaders close in and blaze away at the Termies, killing nothing, then charge. Combat is a bit more two way this time and he takes a couple of marines down while I take out three of his five.

He pulls closer with his DPs and Dread, getting a charge in. I finish off the Termies, take a wound on both my Champion and Chapy and the rest of my marines. Thankfully I also take a couple of wounds off a DP. So far we are 3-2.

Turn seven goes ahead. Nuts.

I move my bikes in, shoot up the Zerkers. They all live. I move my Termies… who end up still about ten inches away from absolutely everything. In the combat I pull the claw off the Dread, wound the DP and lose another couple of marines and then take a wound on the Chapy.

He pulls his Zerkers back, crossing into the ruins like the cowards they are. In combat he kills my Champion. I finish his Dread off with another melta bomb then Chapy gets pulled down and killed.

Final score 3-4 to the BLs.

It was a seriously fun battle, real manoeuvring and countering until someone made a mistake. Mine was first – I let that Crusader squad get slammed because I moved them too far ahead. The dice were also cruel with my deep strike on the Terminators – they were doubly cruel with his. But he made plenty of mistakes too, notably the early caution with his DPs and mostly thinking his Termies could take on a Chapy powered Crusader squad.

My man of the match was the Chapy. He earned his keep. Litanies of Hate is absolutely lethal with the right squad. For my foe, the Demon Prince Fat Headless Joe (Nurgle DP model – who’s head fell off at the start of the game) took the most lives for the Dark Gods and got the game winning blow in.
Never fought such a close game before. Really enjoyable.

Next week I’m hoping to run my Guard against his BLs. Might go full tread-head to really annoy him.