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Thread: Battlefleet Gothic - made of cardboard PIC HEAVY

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    Battlefleet Gothic - made of cardboard PIC HEAVY

    So I made a basic gameset of Battlefleet Gothic from nothing using cardboard because I'm stuck abroad far from home, and I'm planning to do additions in the course of the next few weeks.

    So far I've got:
    2 Ork Kroozers (1 Waaaghkrooza, 1 Killkrooza)
    2 Chaos Cruisers (1 Devastation, 1 I don't know the name of because my rulebook is in german)
    Ordnance markers: some torpedos, Chaos ordnance, Ork ordnance
    game markers: 2 compasses, 2 sets of special orders.

    NOTICE: I know they don't compare to other scratch build ships, but I'm in Beijing, studying for half a year here. I wanted to introduce my flatmate to the game, and having a starter set back in Germany, knowing what the ships look like I thought "Hm, shouldn't be too hard to make some quick scratchbuild standins."
    It feels good enough playing with these standins. And the fact that it's absolutely free and I can create anything I want in any number anytime just puts the kind of smile on my face that lets my friends carefully call for the police. THE POSSIBILITIES!!WAHAHAHAHUARGH!
    Let the pictures speak for themselves!

    Everything I need.

    This one was a test, to decide if the project had a future or not. Some kind of escort, no specific class. A little big.

    Blast Marker

    More pictures further down due to post limit.

    My plans for the immediate future is to add:
    - 2 x 3 escort squadrons for both sides
    - 1 additional cruiser for both sides
    - 1 battleship for both sides

    I smacked my flatmate with an empty plastic bottle until he agreed to construct some asteroids and other celestial phenomena.

    I will keep you updated. Support me with gentle comments, and it will sweeten and speed up my fleet-constructing efforts.

    Happy gaming,
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