From the rumor round up on 8th,


* The hand weapon & shield combination grants a 6+ Ward Save in combat against infantry units to the front only. It provides no benefit if you are attacked in the flank or rear and does not work against impact hits and Stomp/ Thunderous Stomp attacks. This replaces the +1 to Armour Save gained by fighting with HW & shield. Units with stupidity or Frenzy may not Parry.

As ward saves do not stack normally, you won't get any benefit from Parry if you already have a better ward save.

It is not a second ward save (afaik).
It is not a ward save ontop of an armour save (afaik)
It does not stack (afaik).
So just to confirm, can you use an armour save and then the ward save as per how ward saves and armour saves run at the moment?