Still here, still battleteching-
Well its been quite a while since I last posted anything here. I am always gaming on Saturdays it's just not always battletech, that being said I am doing double duty with terrain now that I am also playing epic scale 8th edition 40K. fortunately they are both similar in scale. Adding to the line of JR miniature building I already had I added ruins and a few other buildings from novus design studios, battlefield in a box, as well as the new mosterapocalypse line (I need more).

I only rermembered to snap a set of starting pictures this time. the battle was not going well for me at the beginning so things got pretty intense.

My forces were -
house kurita-second swords of light
C3 heavy lance
.shugenja-lance commander
.catapult (mrm variant..because kurita)

The opposition-
grey death legion
.battlemaster-lance commander

As I said it started badly-turn 1 the wolverine got hammered and I di no damage in return, turn 2 faired little better-more damage to the wolverine and the cat got hit center torso floating crit for 2-engine and a gyro.

we use the forced withdrawal rules to speed the game along-internal damage on 2 torsos/3 limbs, 2 engine or 1 gyro hit the mech retires from the field so the cat was out. I managed to give back some damage this turn at least, mostly to the bushwacker.

turn 3 the warhammer became the priority target and I hurt him pretty good, I was starting to take damage to the daikyu now but most enemy fire was still on the poor wolverine.

Turn 4+5 were a bit static with only the wolverine jumping around, falling down, losong an arm(the one with its large pulse of course) and then running away.

The warhammer tried to finish off the wolverine and got shot in the back doing enough damage to take him out of the fight.

Turn 6 the bushwacker ran right up on the daikyu and hurt him pretty bad, the return fire killed the bushwacker via ammo explosion which ended up killing both of them.

The final turn we went straight for the throw down wolverine VS battlemaster and shugenja VS both cases I managed a single floating crit on both mechs doing 2 engine hits each. the return fire finally forced the wolverine to withdraw, but since the shugenja was undamaged up to this point he ended up being the last man standing for a bloody kurita victory.