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Thread: warhawk rider tactics

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    warhawk rider tactics

    so as i was writing up a new woodie list i started looking at warhawks. i think in a unit of 4 (2x2) or 5-6. (3x2) they could do some serious mage hunting. up to nine ws5 str 4 attacks plus stomps could also do some flank/rear damage if things got desperate... as long as a few survived a suicide run, you could hit and run into a flank charge position. thoughts? am i over thinking this?

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    Re: warhawk rider tactics

    Warhawk riders have fairly large footprint on the ground (so to speak) and with Tlos they will likely get shot down fairly quickly.

    Yes there will be more terrain, but Tlos will mean that will probably be easier to target and take out (due to that large footprint). Given that the only thing you really take warhawks is to hunt mages or warmachines (or maybe missile troops depending on the size of the unit and what the missile unit is) most people will take them out quickly so they can keep their magic/shooting intact for as long as possible.

    Just my thoughts but I personally never found much use for warhawk riders in 7ed, and now with the new flying rules I think I will find even less use-I always found that a unit of glade riders could do what warhawks do better (and a unit of 5 GR with muso is almost the same cost as 3 WHks and gives out 5 bow shots vs 3)
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    Re: warhawk rider tactics

    Completly agree with the Glade Riders trumping Warhawks in 7th, but now with 8th im leaning to the Warhawks. They are, in every respect, fast cav now, right down to the vanguard move. (if your lucky enough to go first, you would have warhawks behind enemy deployment turn one). Not totally sold on them yet because they were so overpriced in 7th, but im going to run a game tomorrow with them and ill post the results.

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