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Thread: Warhammer Armies - Norse (8th Edition)

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    Warhammer Armies - Norse (8th Edition)

    Hello Warseer!

    I'm back with my Norse army book. Its totally revamped for 8th edition with old stuff and a lot of new stuff, like; legendary items, more Norse background, a new section called "Upgrades", Half Giants, Drudge Giant, and more House Oaths and Magic Items - I have tried to fantasized it.

    As this is still only a Beta version, I am looking for feedback and new ideas to the various units and items/rules. The play-testing is currently undergoing, but the more testing it goes through the better.

    Attachment 94565

    download Link:

    Known Issues:
    1. Seidar spell "Feig" is listed twice Fixed
    2. Named Character "Agnar Grayskin" is not done and should be ignored for now.
    3. Named Character "Vaino" Vaino's special rule "One True Galdrer" has old texted - its a mystery to me how that happened. Fixed
    4. Valkyries are listed with 2 wounds in the Bestiary section. Correct wound characteristic is 1 wound. Fixed
    5. Volva Blotgydje is listed with Initiative 2 in the Army List section. Correct Initiative characteristic is Initiative 3. Fixed
    + some other trivial changes

    hope you like it
    Grim Squeaker/Last Edition
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    The 9 Age Army Book: Norse Wolfborn

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