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I've been thinking that Chaos needs a new unit type. What I was thinking is that the normal chaos marine squad becomes 5-10 as normal. Then you get a larger 5-20 sized unit of Supplicants/Wannabes.

These are the equivalent of Chaos marine neophytes but in the tradition of chaos they are used as fodder units until only the strongest are left alive.

It separates the chaos marines more from the loyal marines a bit more, gives them a larger horde type unit but keeps it within the context of the legions.

Something like:

WS3 BS3 S4 T4 W1 I3 A1 Ld6(going off your Ld system) Sv3+ or 4+

I think that a Sv4+ blood claw type unit would be in keeping with chaos marines. Perhaps with a 'Task Master' squad leader who oversees and evaluates the fodder's worth during battle (so a normal chaos marine - or perhaps champion).

Interesting unit. What would be it's battlefield appeal? Cheap? Are they frenzied like Blood Claws?