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Thread: Chaos Space Marine fandex by Son of Sanguinius

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    Re: Chaos Space Marine fandex by Son of Sanguinius

    For the most part I like how you did Marks (Acute Senses for Slaanesh units really surprised me, actually, but it's fitting). I think the Invulnerable save for Tzeentch units is lazy, but my system is, as you know, pretty complicated.

    I eagerly await the addition of Dreaded Titles. Sounds interesting. Will Traits of the Warlord be a la Chapter Traits or Paths to Glory?

    The Daemon Weapon as an upgrade is interesting too. I5 Powerfist?

    I think a 2+ Invuln of any kind is crazy. But I thought 3+ Invulns were crazy too. It's good that it doesn't entirely counteract Instant Death by reverting to 4+ for S7+ though.

    You have a preponderance of unit types. Different Vets for each Mark, different Troops for each Mark, different HQs... it seems unwieldy to me.

    Vet Skills are something that I've seen a lot of justification against. Attrition is the main one. Perhaps for Chosen/Vets.

    I like Col. Tart's idea of making Possessed a Lone Wolf unit. Perhaps make them act as an Independent Character until the Possession takes hold mid-battle, at which point they must leave the unit and run at the enemy? That way they could use squads as a shield until they're close enough to get their talons wet.

    EDIT: Perhaps the Aspirant unit could be an interesting addition, but I think leaving it up to the background differentiates Traitors/Chaos from Loyalists. All the Loyalists are like all "Here's your Neophyte unit, here's your Initiate unit, here's your choppy or shooty Initiate units, here's your vets, here's your tanks, here's your leaders." Chaos is more like "look, make up your own story on how the Legionary birds and the bees, the more gruesome the better." I kind of prefer it.
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