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    1500 Khorne Daemons


    Daemon Prince @ 375pts
    Unnatural Swiftness, Collar of Khorne


    Herald of Khorne @ 175pts
    Battle Standard, Great Standard of Sundering


    19 Bloodletters @ 258pts
    Full Command

    20 Bloodletters @ 270pts
    Full Command


    5 Flesh Hounds @ 175pts

    5 Flesh Hounds @ 175pts


    Bloodcrusher @ 70pts

    Total: 1498pts

    Basically it's a Khorne army the BSB goes with the 19 letters, flesh hounds and the crusher do flank charges or kill any pesky knights, the daemon prince just hangs around the letters, charging anything small and annoying or charge swith the letters into anything big and general filled etc.
    any major things wrong with it? All C&C appreciated greatly
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