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Thread: 1500 pts Dark Elves vs. Warriors of Chaos at GamesDay

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    From the Jaws of Defeat: 1500 pts Dark Elves vs. Warriors of Chaos at GamesDay

    Warriors of Chaos (opponent)
    - Chaos Lord
    - Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle
    - 15-20 Chaos Warriors with two hand weapons and full command (joined by Lord)
    - 15-20 Chaos Warriors with hand weapon and shield and fully command(joined by Sorcerer)
    - 5 Chaos Knights with full command (maybe Khorne-marked)

    Dark Elves (me)
    - Master Vorthain - hand weapon, beastmaster's scourge, shield, heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, dark pegasus, Pendant of Khaeleth
    - Sorceress - Level 2 Dark Lore, Dispel Scroll x 2 (joined crossbowelves)
    - Spears x 18 with full command
    - Repeater Crossbows x 12 with shields
    - Dark Riders x 5 with musician and repeater crossbows
    - Corsairs x 10
    - Black Guard x 14 with full command, Banner of Murder, and Ring of Hotek
    - Shades x 6
    - War Hydra

    The battlefield was an open field with forest on either short edge. Across from me, from right to left, were his Chaos Knights, Warriors with lord, then Warriors with Sorcerer. On my side, the Master was near the forest, then the corsairs, repeater crossbows, spears, black guard, hydra, dark riders, then the shades scouting into the forest. The sorceress rolled Bladewind and Soul Steal as her two spells. He went first.

    Turn 1:
    He marched all units forward, then tried to cast a spell. He ended up successfully casting it with irresistible force, but it failed to do any wounds. In addition, the miscast caused him to take a wound and lose his remaining power dice. I moved up slightly with me melee units, advanced my dark riders and shades into flanking positions for shooting, and my master advanced about halfway up the board and turned to face the battle. My sorceress tried to cast, but failed and miscast due to Ring of Hotek. She took a wound and lost her remaining power dice. The dark riders and shades failed to do any wounds against the Warriors joined by the sorcerer.

    Turn 2:
    He declared a charge from his Chaos Knights on my repeater crossbowelves and sorceress. I tried to flee them, but he rolled high and they were caught and destroyed. They ended up very close to my table edge. The other two units marched further up. He cast a spell that used a template, killing 3 shades and dark rider. The shades fled but the dark riders passed their panic check. I'll be honest here, losing the sorceress with her having done nothing was a pretty major blow and I wasn't optimistic.

    I declared a charge on the flank of his Chaos Knights with my master, move my spears to receive a charge from his warriors, and turn my black guard and hydra to face the incoming warriors. I also turned by corsairs 180 degrees to face the rear of his knights. The shades rallied. The dark riders took some shots at the Warriors but their armor was proof against my bolts. My Master caused a single wound by his multiple saves prevented any being dealt to him. The Chaos Warriors lost but passed their save - they remained locked in combat. At this point, I was not sure if my Master would be able to stand up to the sheer number of attacks and end up as another hero lost to Chaos.

    Turn 3:

    The Chaos Warriors with the lord charge by spears. His Nurgle Sorcerer miscasts due to Ring of Hotek, killing himself and all Chaos Warriors adjacent to him. The Lord challenges my spear-elf Lordling, who is summarily stomped into a fine paste. I fail my insane courage check; the spears are broken, caught, and destroyed. I kill another Chaos Knight with my Master and they fail to wound me. They pass their leadership test to turn to face me as we are still locked in melee. Things aren't looking good: I have lost a sorceress, 18 spears, and 12 repeater crossbows and no Chaos followers have been slain. The open field did not provide the shooting dominance that Druchii frequently enjoy due to Chaos Armor, with shields in some cases.

    However, this turn the battle turns around. The corsairs flank charge the Chaos Knights. The Hydra and Black Guard charge the flank of the warriors with the Chaos Lord. They fail their Terror test and flee a short distance, but the Hydra doesn't catch them. The Black Guard are closer, however, catching and destroying them. The shooting is ineffective. The corsairs and master manage to kill a single Knight, though four corsairs are slain. A single knight remains. They are being whittled down while the other unit of Warriors implacably advances and its sorcerer casts, without my own wizard to turn the magical tide.

    Turn 4:

    His Chaos Warriors attempt to charge my hydra but fail their charge, perhaps stumbling on slain Druchii spearelves. The sorcerer turns and attempts to cast something against the dark riders but miscasts due to Ring of Hotek, killing himself and all Chaos Warriors adjacent to him in a spectacular, reality-rending blast. His Chaos Knight champion kills a few more corsairs, my master fails to hit, but, in an awesome moment, his dark pegasus comes through with a stomp attack, finishing the unholy champion.

    My hydra and Black Guard turn to face his remaining Warrior unit. The corsairs and master move to form a united front. Shooting occurs, but again, with nothing being wounded.

    Turn 5:

    He turns to face the hydra.

    I charge with my hydra, killing many between the beastmasters, normal attacks, breath weapon, and thunderstomp. One beastmaster is killed.

    Result: Despite the initial quick destruction of my spears, crossbows, and sorceress, Dark Elf magic items, maneuverability, and hate come through to win the day.

    Eight Edition Notes: Stomp and Thunderstomp are both nice additions. Also, rolling more power dice due to the raised limit means my Ring of Hotek caused miscasts for him pretty reliably.
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