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    Help with Daemons

    I have a quartet of games under my belt with Daemons, three under 7th and one under 8th so I am not too familiar with either edition or the army. Now the store has an escalation league that I may be entering as a replacement. The guy I am replacing is at the very bottom with no points at all so I am inheriting a handicap. The way the league works is that you make one list to use for the entire month and cannot change it until the next 600 point step.

    I own the following:

    2 Bloodthirsters
    1 Keeper of Secrets
    1 Lord of Change
    1 Epidemus
    1 Herald of Tzeenth
    1 Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut
    1 Nurgle Daemon Princess with wings
    1 Daemon Prince (Be'Lakor)
    20 Daemonettes
    20 Plaguebearers
    22.5 Horrors (legs missing for one)
    29 Bloodletters
    1 Bloodletter champion
    1 Bloodletter standard
    2 Bloodletter musicians
    1 Fiend of Slaanesh
    5 Screamers
    6 Flamers
    20 Furies

    I am thinking of the following for the 1,200 point step:

    Herald of Tzeentch: Flames of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery (might switch one to Spell Breaker)
    Herald of Khorne BSB: Juggernaut, Firestorm Blade, Armor of Khorne, Icon of Despair
    10 Horrors
    6 Flamers
    30 Bloodletters: Full Command w/ Icon of Endless War

    In my last game I ran a 50 strong Bloodletter unit (proxied Daemonettes) with the Herald tossed in and when combined with the Bloodthirster it completely rolled over an entire Wood Elf army as though it were not even there. There was a Tzeentch half too, but that did nothing. Needless to say, I do like the fields of Khorne route, but I am open to suggestions.

    With what I own as listed above, what changes can I make to improve upon the list and help me get out of the hole I'm starting in? If it calls for a rewriting of the entire list than so be it. Additionally, if I do go with Master of Sorcery for my Herald, which lore should I choose? The Lore of Beasts has a cool spell to turn him into a Great Fire Dragon, which would be a nice Bloodthirster substitute.
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