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    Lightbulb Nurgle's Rope - How to make realistic barbed wire --+--+--+--

    So, I decided to make a tutorial after I've been asked several times how I made my barbed wire that I use in my project:

    --+ Death Korps of Krieg - Muddy Times +--

    This is the barbed wire, which I call "Nurgle's Rope":

    This technique isn't knew and I didn't invent it. I've seen it on modeltrain tables but there seem to be some instructions on the net, too. Some of these are a bit more complicated because every spike is made seperately. We will do a faster version but we will also have some more waste material.

    Why I made my own barbed wire? I didn't like the GW wire and the FW wire is too flat imho. It's just etched brass.

    Some of you may notice the tutorial from another website. I couldn't find a tutorial board on here so I didn't post it on WarSeer until I noticed that the tutorials are accumulated in the "Before you post a question" thread. my bad

    Due to the limit of pics (6 pics per post) this tutorial is split into several posts.

    Nurgle's Rope - Tutorial

    Now, let's begin:
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