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    HereBeDragons' Paintathon

    Most recent work completed: SDE Caverns of Roxor fire blobs

    Over the last couple of years (2012-2014) my painting focus has shifted from GW to board games almost entirely. I have spent far too much money on Kickstarter, and now have huge sets of miniatures that need some love! I'm hoping to make some progress on that this year (2015). I should have Zombicide Prison Outbreak finished soon, after which I'll be focusing on Caverns of Roxor (the first expansion for the awesome Super Dungeon Explore) and Fortune & Glory. I have also been tempted back to wargaming with Dropzone commander, which I hope to get my local group interested in. Towards the end of the year I hope to make some progress with the vast haul of Rivet Wars miniatures I received with the Kickstarter since I've neglected it for too long! My collection is also set to expand with Zombicide Season 3, Super dungeon explore: Forgotten Kingdom, Cthulhu Wars, Galaxy of Trion, and World of Smoke kickstarters currently awaiting delivery. I think I'm going to need a bigger flat...

    Here is a summary of my collection which I endeavour to keep up to date:

    • Dark Eldar ~4000pts (2736pts finished and counting)
    • Imperial Guard ~4500pts (basically finished)
    • Eldar (A squad of Dire Avengers half painted)
    • Lizardmen ~6500pts (3/4 painted)
    • Goblins ~1500pts (~1/2 of the models painted)
    • Dark Elves ~3000pts (mostly gaming standard but want to improve)
    • Warhammer Quest: Creating my own copy of the core game set from scratch (91/91 models!!! 8/34 tiles finished)
      - WHQ Extra stuff: roleplay tables and expansions: (81/132 that I own painted)
    • Blood Bowl - Talabheim Tossers. 15 man human team (Finished!)
    • Dreadfleet (COMPLETE!)
    • Whole load of LOTR models without much in the way of armies
    • Malifaux - Lucius' crew so far (0/5 models finished)
    • Dropzone Commander - Scourge (3/22 models finished)
      - UCM (1/18 models finished)
    • Bolt Action - USA (0/60 models finished)
      - Germany (0/1 models finished)
    • Super Dungeon Explore - core game (COMPLETE!)
      - Caverns of Roxor (33/37 models finished)
      - Von Drakk Manor (12/34 models finished)
      - Forgotten King (0/58 models finished)
      - Mistmourn Coast warband (0/17 models finished)
      - Claws of the wyrm warband (0/15 models finished)
      - Emerald valley warband (0/18 models finished)
      - Stilt Town Zombies warband (0/16 models finished)
      - Kickstarter extras (6/56 models finished)
      - Single character sets (2/11 models finished)
    • Zombicide - Season 2: Prison Outbreak (COMPLETE! 96/96 models)
      - Season 3: Rue Morgue (0/104 models)
      - Zombie dogs (Complete! 20/20 models)
      - VIP Zombies (0/20 models)
      - Lost Zombivores (0/12 models)
      - S2 Kickstarter extras (31/63 models finished)
      - S3 Kickstarter extras (0/87 models finished)
    • Rivet Wars - Eastern front (3/71 models finished)
      - terrain packs (0/108 models)
      - Heavy metal (0/6 models)
      - Spearhead (0/34 models)
      - war room (0/7 models)
      - 2nd Wave (0/28 models)
      - Battle of Brighton (0/18 models)
      - kickstarter extras/exclusives (0/65 models)
    • Fortune & Glory (COMPLETE! 47/47 models)
    • Cthulhu Wars - Core Game (0/72 models)
      - The Sleeper Faction (0/18 models)
      - Primeval Earth Map (0/13 models)
      - Yuggoth Map (0/7 models)
      - Dreamlands Map (0/7 models)
      - Dreamlands Surface monsters pack (0/9 models)
      - Dreamlands Underworld monsters pack (0/9 models)
      - High Priest expansion pack (0/7 models)
      - Great old one pack 1 (0/5 models)
      - great old one pack 2 (0/4 models)
      - Kickstarter Extras (0/62 models)
    • World of Smog (0/17 models)

    Last updated: 12th January 2016

    ================================================== ==============

    Hi! welcome to my first attempt at a plog! Im hoping that having this will help me keep painting and modelling, especially during the long weeks when I get back to university, as well as help me improve my skills. All comments and criticisms welcome!

    I've been collecting GW miniatures for about 8 years, and unfortunatley have the habit of collecting far faster than I paint! As such I have large collections for all 3 main game systems which will probably feature here in time. So heres a rough guide to my collection when I started this plog:

    Anywho! Enough talking already lets get some pictures! Im afraid these are my first attempts at photographing models so I apologise if they're not that great. Any hints and tips in that department would be greatly appreciated!

    First of all my recently converted Dark Elf Dreadlord on Dragon (thought I'd better justify my name!)

    And a pic of just the rider:

    Also the Lord Commissar from my Imperial Guard army, the Halon 22nd:

    Cheers for reading!
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