Rather than make this part of my other thread, I figure this will be an extensive enough project that it warrants a thread of its own. Having always been fascinated by the Silver Towers of Tzeentch from Epic, it only recently occurred to me that there isn't anything stopping me from building one for 40k. A quick google search suggests that others have done the same, but there were very few actual pictures of any, just a single very impressive one on CMoN.

So I've looked around for suitable materials to start from, and this is what I've come up with so far for the basic shape. Foam for the round base, a smoothie bottle for the main tower, and a combination of paint pots and green stuff tubes for three side towers.

My main issue is about how to build the tower roofs. The two options I see are card and foam, I will probably start out with card and see how it goes. Suggestions welcome, will post more pics as the project progresses.