Hallo all, this is different version of the HE Life/Book of Hoeth Deathstar.

It's a bit of fun and I think would be a good painting project.

All the characters are in a block of 16 Dragon princes,all except the wizards wear Dragon Armour and so the regen is more effective.

All points costs are approximate.

Archmage,BOH,steed 380

Prince,barded steed halberd,DA Ench shld 160

Lords 540


Bsb with World Dragon banner,B steed,DA/shld/halb 200

Noble with B steed,DA/shld/halb
Amulet of light (all units attacks are magical)
Sacred Insence (-1 to hit unit with shooting) 160

Caddy (beast) scroll 120 (in archers)

Heroes 480

Core 595pts

2 x 20 Lothern Sea guard with shlds 570pts

1 funky standard (25 pts)

16 Dragon Princes with full command and the Ellyrian banner

Champion has skein sliver 545

1 eagle

2250 almost on the button.

Maybe the Prince needs a ward save or the crown of command or both?

Any thoughts?

I will essentially try to keep the list the same but with tweaks as apposed to wholesale change, please keep that in mind when it comes to suggestions.

I know that the Funbus iwould be owned by an assassin or 2 but hey, you only live once......unless you are using life magic.......