View Poll Results: Which One Rule Do You Dislike MOST?

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  • Changes to Skirmishers rules

    34 15.74%
  • Always strike in Initiative order

    12 5.56%
  • Random Charges

    17 7.87%
  • Pre-Measuring

    6 2.78%
  • Panic regardless of Fleeing unit size

    14 6.48%
  • Can't choose what weapons to fight with

    41 18.98%
  • Changes to Magic Rules & Spells

    17 7.87%
  • New Terrain rules

    14 6.48%
  • Steadfast

    14 6.48%
  • True Line Of Sight

    47 21.76%
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Thread: 8th Edition - What one rule do you like LEAST?

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    8th Edition - What one rule do you like LEAST?

    Ok people, I am calling on 8th Edition players to have a good old think about this before they decide what they will vote for.

    I am doing this as a follow up to a thread I created a couple of months ago to allow people to suggest things they liked and disliked about the 8th Edition Rules, but when it comes down to it, if you are forced to choose the one thing that you dislike the most, what is it? What one thing has has the most negative effect on the game in your eyes?

    I ran a similar poll for 40K 5th Edition when that came out and I think the results were quite surprising, because after all the moans about TLOS and hitting rear armour on vehicles in combat and not being allowed to consolidate into a fresh combat wrecking every CC army in the game, it was 'Killing models that are out of sight' that came top with 37%.

    There were other suggestions as well, but there's a limit on the poll options, so I've gone for the 10 I think will be most unpopular - some options and kind of 'umberella' options because they cover numerous issues, like Magic and Steadfast, so I consolidated these into a single potion where possible.

    So here goes.
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