When I had heard that a new adition of warhammer was coming out I decided eff it I'll do an army the only problem was im not made of money -_-; so seeing as warriors are some of the most expensive armies pointwise I decided to go along with them!
I originally intended to get at least 1000 points done relatively quick but my plans never go too well >_< and it's taken me a while to get the force close to a starting point.
Anyway here's a few things I've gotten done so far.

First up my chaos hero the first fantasy model I actually painted :) I tried a different painting style from my usual one all of the armour was painted via drybrushing and a few controlled washes

next up the first unit of ten chaos warriors the one thing I didn't like was the fact that the models would looks quite similar to each other so i've done a few simple conversions in the form of arm and head swaps to make the army a little bit more individual.

next is the second unit of ten warriors again I dislike replica or similar looking models so I swaped the champion for the crom the conqueror model ^^

here are some close up examples of converted warriors.

Now i'm pretty sure some people out there will dislike the paint scheme mainly cause of A. the red horns B. the clean looking armor and C. the grey cloaks. But hell considering that the original paint scheme was by jacob neilson a GD winner so it cant be that bad >_>;
Anyway I have a fair bit I plan on adding to this army a few more warriors, chaos knights and some dragon ogres.
I also plan to convert a few thing to test sculpting skills and such here's a list xD
Giant (just for fun :P)
Demon prince
Chaos lord

Anyway hope you like, Comments and critism always appreciated ^_^