Just starting warhammer (after many years of 40k) and with all the new models out figured I would jump on the high elf bandwagon. Here is a draft 1,000 point army I working on collecting. Open to suggestions.

1 Mage, Lv2, Silver Wand [High Magic-w/sw this give him 4 spells]

20 Spearmen, Full Command

10 Archers [Mage hides in here. Yes, I have heard they suck, but figured at least can threaten fast cavalry/skirmishers]

18 Swordmasters, Full Command

1 Lion Chariot

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower [again, I have heard not so good, but figure in smaller games they should still hold their own]

This comes out to 1,000 points exactly. I was debating replacing the archers with LSG, but where do I find the extra 20 points [if I want shields]. Also, in a small unit of only 10 men, are Seaguard really that much better?