A little snippet from Monday's 'What's New Today' thread: "Painting High Elves, Golden Demon Winners, Dark Eldar Reavers"


-----The Reavers are perhaps the best example of the similarities and differences between Craftworld and Dark Eldar design. The Craftworld jetbike design was looking dated and had been earmarked for a future remake, so it made sense to work on the designs simultaneously. Although the basic layout of the chassis, the carapace, the rider position, the fins and the weapon pod would stay constant, the styling had to reflect the divergence of the two factions from a common root. A common chassis with maquette rider was produced as the first stage.

Two prototypes were sculpted onto the basic chassis: one Craftworld and one Dark, shown here. Where the Craftworld bike would feature lots of aerodynamic cowling and a uniform look, the Dark Eldar version needed to look more stripped back and 'sharper'. Fins that were blades reflected the fact that the bike itself was the weapon; pierced carapaces used negative space to change the silhouette; concave rather than convex surfaces linked the bike design to the Raider hull. The small pop-up targeter on the top of the carapace was added at this stage, even though it started as a pencilled-on panel line.

Once the prototypes were finished, the Craftworld version was set aside. The Dark version was given to Tom Walton to render digitally. Tom had already rendered the guns for the warriors and had shown a facility with Eldar shapes, so he got to make sense of the wonky prototype. Tom took the same route as the prototype, developing a basic chassis that could be re-used in the future-----

I don't know if this was picked up somewhere else, but it does offer some insight into what the new Edlar Craftworld jetbike design will look like. Of course this offers no clue as to when it might be released... I'm sorry if this is threaded elsewhere, I just didn't see anything. :confused: