I built diorama for the company of the Chaos Dwarves from Zorn Uzkul with a styrodur, whose appropriately cut elements were stuck to the shape of a step pyramid.

The step pyramid in the Warhammer Fantasy universe is a building characteristic of Chaos Dwarves.

After sticking sockets for bases from Black Grom Studio, about which I wrote HERE, from the ground to the flowers and plaster, Wikol glue and water, I made a mass, which I put on the horizontal surfaces of dioramas.

Then I painted the whole thing in black and attached the statues and arrows, parchments and the Hashut icon to the places.

Finally, I covered the horizontal surfaces with pigments and incense ash.

And all this, on the diorama, you can now set models the Chaos Dwarf from Zorn Uzkul.