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Thread: BoBo´s scenery log

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    Re: BoBo´s scenery log

    Made some more frostgrave pieces

    Encounters and objectives as well

    And made some terrain for Guildball (Brewers inspired)
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    My slow log of Terrain ,My slow log of Blood Bowl ,My tyranid swarm , My Khorne Demon army log, My Necron Army, Follower of Chaos, My Blood Angels, My 3D Space Hulk
    Bobo´s-random-sculpting-commision-and-other-stuff , if you are interested drop me a PM!

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    Re: BoBo´s scenery log

    Awesome stuff!
    Quote Originally Posted by Salty
    What the Modsticker said.

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    Re: BoBo´s scenery log

    Beautiful stuff.
    And I see you've used the old warhammer buildings. There's probably about £370's worth sitting right there. Years ago I wanted to do a Mordheim project and bought a load of those kits to make a ruined village. Now they're sitting in a cupboard untouched - I don't want to sell them, but I daren't even open them.

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