Here's a question that I can only assume is just mega-noob-stupendous but I gotta so here goes:

Fighting in Buildings.

Each side nominates 10 models (chars or rnf) to do the fighting for each CC round.

Do you Really use the step-up rule in this situation?

Last time we played the Watchtower scenario the question (of course) popped up - and now this scenario is comming up again..

We did (of course) try to find some direct reference in the BrB, at least for a couple of minutes and then the game continued as we decided to use step up (even though I personally sort of have this feeling in my gut this might not be correct at all).

After all, the whole "nominate ten models" bit is sort of void if you're allowed Step-Up anyway - or am I wrong?

Either way, what's the word on fighting in buildings - Step up or No step up?