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Thread: Airbrush splatter troubleshooting

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    Airbrush splatter troubleshooting

    My setup: Aztech 470, using a Fine Line nozzle, fed by a Badger Cyclone compressor, Vallejo Model Air line paints

    This is my first time using the 470 after coming from a Badger spraygun that I simply used to basecoat. I bought the 470 and the fine nozzle for camo patterns on some 15mm FoW tanks. Initial tests on paper seemed to work out ok, but when I put a test model down and attempted to paint on that, the paint just bounced off the model and splattered all over the place. The steam of paint is very fine and condensed (which is what I need for the 15mm work) but once it makes content, it just splashes over the model. Is this a problem with technique or do I have too much pressure from the compressor? The cyclone runs at 30 PSI (or so says the manual) but I do not believe it is adjustable.

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    Re: Airbrush splatter troubleshooting

    A couple of points:

    30 PSI is way over what I would use for that scale. 8-10 PSI is closer to where you want to be.

    What is your undercoat like? Satin or less matte undercoats can contribute to runs.

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    Re: Airbrush splatter troubleshooting

    I'm not sure I adjust the PSI of the Cyclone. I will take my airbrush down to a shop tomorrow and try a lower PSI compressor and see if that helps. If it works, I'll pick up an adjustable compressor.

    Undercoat is Krylon automotive primer.

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    Re: Airbrush splatter troubleshooting

    The first thing i would look into is the compressor. Before buying a new compressor I would try some out. If you have a local hobby shop ask they if they have an adjustable psi compressor and if you can hook your airbrush to it for a few tests.

    the other thing this could be is two-fold. I don't know anything about Krylon primer but you may want to try a primer meant for miniatures. Second Vallejo Model Air is very thin to start with, if you are thinning it it may simply be to thin (which leads to more splash and less paint on the model).

    a few things to look into.
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    Re: Airbrush splatter troubleshooting

    Buy a valve/Regulator.
    I have an adjustable regualtor with PSI indicator between my compressor and airbrush.
    Use food coloring and water for testing which PSI works best for your airbrush and techniques.

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