Greetings all, I have designed this list to be an all comer and tried it against an Empire player and ended up with 3 massacres for me, without me using any sneaky tactic, letting him retake his moves and he having his mortars being accurate on 80% of his shots. I was wondering if my list was cheesy or not and if so, what would be your suggestions.


Runesmith Sh, RoStone, MRoBalance 127 pts
Always hiding if possible, if not tries to never get into a fight.


25 GW warriors Standard Muso 255 pts

20 LB Sh Standard Muso 255 pts
They provide the panic bubble which makes me able to not take a BSB


25 Hammerers Standard Muso 318 pts

1 Canon RoForging RoBurning 130 pts

1 Grudge Thrower 2xRoPen RoAccuracy Engineer 170 pts

1 Bolt Thrower Engineer 60 pts

5 Miners Muso 60 pts


1 Organ Gun 120

Points here might not be a 100% correct but they were in my list.

Any thoughts?