Tempus Fugitives Presents: The Dark Throne

March 19th & 20th 2011

The Year is 1547 in a time know as the Age of Three Emperors. After the assassination of Mandred Skavenslayer, serious political unrest has lead to civil war and conflict has erupted across The Empire.

The Elector counts are unable and unwilling to agree upon a successor and the Empire is without an Emperor. Out of the political conflict, three Electors now manoeuvre their military might to gain control of the fractured Empire through any means.. Old rivalries brought to the fore, and the ambitions of others driving the state to inevitable bloodshed..

All the while, the enemies of the Empire draw close, ready to prey upon the upheaval of the fractured Empire...

Welcome to the first Tempus Fugitives even of 2011.. Take to the field as one of the fractured armies of the Empire.. Or prey upon them in this time of weakness as one of the many evil forces of the Old World..

For those who've never heard of us, we specialise in narrative based campaign weekends, both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, and have previously run a large number of events at Warhamer World Nottingham, including our recent Wrath of Nagash & Age of the Emperor: Horus Heresy campaigns.

Our events break from the norm by offering unique and special rules, armies and modelling opportunities, fully invoking the setting we're trying to portray.. What point would there be to a weekend based around Nagash, if the man himself couldn't take the field of battle?.. How would the Horus Heresy really invoke its sense of grandeur, without the Primarchs walking amongst the legions against each other?

And so, along those lines (and as soon as our chief rules writer and overall narrative guy gets his butt back from holiday), I present to you, The Dark Throne! Take to the field as one of the fractured states of the Empire, offering a unique slant to the existing list, as one of the three claimants to the Throne (Talabecland, Reikland, Marienburg), or one of the many enemies set against them.

As with all of our events, each army will have access to new and interesting units, characters and army themes, plus missions, campaign background and most of all, the fun and enjoyment that we've maintained throughout !

So, please, feel free to register on our site, and download the packs to flip through, it's free, allot of work goes into them, and you never know, you might even be tempted to attend!

(Pleased note, the pack isn't ready right at this minute, and seems to be blank for some unknown reason.. I blame the IT goblin... the pack will be made available shortly; hopefully by the end of this week, otherwise it's time to flog the pack writer.. But once it's available, it'll be great!)

In the mean time... have a look at our previous pack, to see what we're all about