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    Da Waagh Mediko (Update 12/17 : Killa Kans)

    I bought first and second handed ork's parts from years, and I was in the in the idea to built a waagh for long, but I never beginning with the conversion work until my children give a stompa to me as birthday gift...
    If somebody can forget such a model in the box, I cannot!
    It was time to work on those green skin...
    The idea is to built a blood axe army, using many vehicles and a rather advanced (if ork) technology. My inspiration comes from the very beginning of the XXth century and the WW1. Not real steampunk but close.
    The boyz will not be really converted I think, but all the weapons and vehicles will.

    What could we found there?

    Armor boyz : page 6
    Boyz : page 1,3
    Buggies : page 1,2,3,4
    Chassa bomba : 12,13,14
    Dok : page 7,8
    Grots : page 5,6
    Killa cans : page 9, 10
    Kommandos : page 3,5,6
    Koptas : page 1
    Lobbas : page 1,6
    Nobz : page 3
    Traks : page 1,2,3,4,14
    Truks : page 7,8,9,15
    War boss : page 5
    Warbikes (boyzs) : 10,12
    Warbikes (nobz) : page 11,12
    Zap : 15

    I choose to begin with something easy : the heavy weapons and first the lobbas :

    The carriage :

    The mortar. My first purpose was to use tracks, but one change was to replace it with small wheels. Many heavy mortar use such a wheel for local moving on the firing base.

    Al comments are welcome!

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