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Thread: Date code on a GE radio?

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    Date code on a GE radio?

    We were wondering about how old our cathedral radio is. One of my mates came round and it came up in conversation and I realised I had no idea.

    There were a few gems of wisdom that came up on Yahoo answers when I was searching. Somebody said that the four digit code was 'week of year/year'; but my radio has the date code 2843E and was made in Malaysia, something which may have been somewhat difficult in 1943; but more immediately obvious was the person that asked had a serial number ending in 08 but reckoned that he had had the radio for at least a decade. Clearly the answerer was talking from between his other cheeks.

    I would have thought there'd be some resource on the net, but I can't seem to find the correct answers.
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    Re: Date code on a GE radio?

    When I worked in an icecream factory in the UK we used a 6 digit code which would look something like 1234-AA, the last two letters would identify the factory, and the four numbers would identify the date of manufacture. The first number would be the year of the decade and the last three the day of that year, so in the example that would most likely be the 234th day of 2001, unless someone had some really old icecream in their freezer. The thing with date codes like these is that they're often kept deliberately quite obscure so that they're more difficult to alter (i.e. if you saw product with the date code 1434-AA then you'd know straight away that something was wrong).

    If the date code follows any kind of convention, it could be something like the first two characters are the day of the month, the second two are the week of the year and the last letter is a year code, so, without knowing which year your radio was made I've quickly checked the numbers in my phone for next year which, if I've counted correctly, actually works out as a date (The 28th day in the 43rd full week is the 28th October 2011). Pure speculation of course, I'd be interested in what the other full code is to see if that matches too. If it was, it'd still prove nothing of course, but it'd be interesting.

    Equally likely, it could be similar to the one from the factory I worked in but with the order reversed (so the 284th day of the 3rd year of the decade at factory "E").

    Ultimately, the best bet for an answer is likely to be the company themselves if you can contact them. They might not tell you how to work it out, but they may be willing to tell you the answer.
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