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Thread: Imperial Cathedral/similar building

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    Imperial Cathedral/similar building

    Hello. I have in my possession the following bits/kits and want to combine them into one (perhaps two) buildings. These are in kit form and the boxes are open, but nothing has been built:

    1 Fortress of Redemption
    2 Shrines of the Aquila
    2 Imperial Bastions
    1 Honoured Imperium
    1 Battlescape (ruined rhino/craters)
    2 Pegasus Gothic City Buildings; large sets
    2 Pegasus Industrial Bridges
    Dozens of Cities of Death panels, most from the Basilica Administratum.
    Several Hirst Arts sci-fi moulds; best being the 1.5" square industrial accessories mould
    3 cutlery holders from an old dishwasher: believe it or not would look mint as stained glass/lead sheets for walls

    I have a roll of green marble-like stickyback plastic and am tempted to have a cavernous semi-ruined large Imperial church, complete with pews and large iconography on floor/walls. Tempted to have the lowest level under the Cathedral's floor and use the Industrial Bridge as a sort of armoured drawbridge for the rear. Any ideas?

    The whole thing will be mounted on 9mm plywood (perhaps 18mm if it proves quite heavy or large) and I'm hoping the footprint will be large enough to warrant a 2x4 board.

    Cheers for looking!

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    Re: Imperial Cathedral/similar building

    I've been building a 2x2 cathedral. The problem you'll find is storage unless you have a permanent games room / storage area - DESIGN AND BUILD MODULAR is the lesson. I keep whacking my head on the precariously balanced baseboard of my monstrosity. That I have yet to finish.
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    Re: Imperial Cathedral/similar building

    Sounds like a great idea if you can pull it off.

    To expand on winterdyne's suggestion, I'd recommend that you plan out the whole building as a series of 8"x8" sections, separately based on hardboard. That way, the whole collection will serve as scatter terrain on up to as many as four separate tables or can be combined in groups of 2, 3, 4 or as many as you need to assembled a whole mighty cathedral on one table for an Apocalypse battle.

    Having built a pair of Bastions and a Fortress of Redemption, I can see the Bastions standing as wings or corner towers of a larger structure. The FoR is a bit more tricky. the main tower is easy enough. But if you start separating the weapon platforms and walkway, you quickly end up resorting to extensive plasticard action to fill up the gaps. Not a problem, of course, but it will make it much harder to reassemble the FoR later, if you want to do that.


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