Name: Rain Potorskas
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Role: Veteran Weapon Specialist
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black with slight brown highlights

Appearance: Rain is a well-built woman with an athelic body and a rich olive skin tan. She has developed arm, leg and chest muscles and looks like a veteran guard of many battles. She carries her hair in a short ponytail just above the neck and tied back to fit underneath her combat helmet. When not in full armor, she wears combat fatigues over a white vest and black boots.

On the right side of her face is a long scar from an Ork cleaver barely grazing her and barely missing her right eye. She has a barbwire ring tatooed on her left arm and the name, Sa'mite on the right arm near the shoulder. On the scar she has more barbwire going down towards her neck and stopping at her collar bone. These tatoos are amateur made and are solid black.

Rain is a somber person who has tries to keep to herself and out of trouble. She has a few gambling habits, a compulsion to drink when exposed to alcohol, and has a tendecy to lose her temper when provoked. She is a solider in combat and serves the Emperor. She does not think about the enemy in terms of anything else, but an affront to the Emperor.

Rain only really respects the command chain and her plasmagun, Sa'mite. She knows the plasmagun will kill her at some point and even though it has not happened yet, it only makes it work. She knows from gambling the more the stakes factor in your favor the quicker it will be when they are no longer. She readily waits for the day it will kill her and has accepted her fate.

-Sa'mite: a M35 'Magnacore' type plasmagun lovely called Sa'mite after she first fired the weapon. She was halfway through saying a Litanty of Faith when she thumbed the trigger and she ended up saying 'saaaaamite!'

-Carapace Armor: fully enclosed torso, legs, and arms carapace armor.

-Combat helmet: designed to protect the brainbucket

-Bayonette: a 8in combat knife

-Unused lapsitol: a specialist carries a back-up laspistol to cover for the event their special weapon may run out of ammo or causes minor wounds and makes them unusable.

-Krak and frag grenades

Combat Skill:

Infiltrate: having served as apart of the veteran platoons responsible for outflanking or ambushing Xenos, Rain is adept in covert operations and infiltrating enemy lines.

Born on Costa Cyp, a hiveworld located near the Damocles sector, Rain was a rich merchant's daughter. The Imperial Guard regiments from the planet were of mixed gender and because of tradition and the culture of the hiveworld, everyone from every part of society could be summoned for military duty.

At the age of fourteen, Rain was apart of the White Shields, a fighting force made up of young teens and it was then her planet came under attack by Orks. Her unit was doing severe weather measures out in the middle of the nuclear plains when the foul creatures completely destroyed Chulopa Hive with rogue metors crashing to the surface and began to assault the remaining four Hives on Costa Cyp. It was during this conflict, Rain was apart of a few Whiteshield units that withheld Ork attacks until Space Marines from the Red Swords 4th company arrived to free the planet.

The following year the Imperium deemed Costa Cyp was to found another Imperial Guard Regiment and Rain Potorskas was apart of the 76th Costa Cyp Regiment and assigned her first and only plasmagun, sa'mite. From the age of nineteen, she has served in countless battles and after the Tau had destroyed more than eighty-five percent of her original regiment, she was re-assigned into the Costa Cyp 59th regiment.

With the 59th, she fought the Orks and was apart of a campaign of newly revealed worlds that an Ork warboss had called home. It became a brutal meatgrinder of a campaign and even though she was one of the few to survive the 59th was also dismantled. From the original 59th, only seven remained and from the 76th, only two, Rain and another. Rain was about to be reformed into another regiment when she was snatched up by an Inquisitor for the Ordo Xenos.

She was apart of a daring raid against an Ork Chieftain's encampment that was stragetically held against the Imperial advance. The Inquisitor in charge of the mission had chosen her because of her combat experience and her field expertise. Upon reaching the encampment, it turned the Ork Warboss was at the site and as if the Inquisitor knew along re-directed the forces quickly to assassinate the Warboss. It was a gruesome affair that upon killing the Warboss, the whole camp became a nightmare and the Inquisitor with his retinue and Rain fought their way out of.

Only the Inquisitor and Rain survived and instead of having her mind wiped, she was processed into the Inquisition warmachine. She has been employed by Lord Inquisitor Sidonis and she has never looked back. Rain does not view an end to the Imperial grinder and until she meets her fate, she will not back down in front of the enemy. No matter what Sidonis throws her into, she sticks to her faith and trust in the Emperor.

The relationship between her plasmagun and herself can be odd at times with her talking to the weapon like a best friend and she can even be found arguing with the gun. To her sa'mite is alive and it communicates with her in subtle ways, but she does not openly claim the weapon is alive for she is not that crazy. She has a deadly accuracy with the years of experience with the plasmagun and has a way of knowing when to stop firing the plasmagun before it overheats. Not once has she allowed a Tech Priest to clean, repair or rejuvenate the weapon and claims to allow a Tech Priest to touch it will only ruin the good fortune of it not blowing up.

-Hope this works. A veteran weapon specialist with a good amount of decades fighting Xenos and can infiltrate.