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Thread: HELP!!! 1500 point Tyranid Tournament List

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    HELP!!! 1500 point Tyranid Tournament List

    40K Army: Tyranids
    So I used this list in a tournament last weekend and wasn't particularly pleased with how I did. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Hive Tyrant
    Leech Essence
    Hive Commander


    2 Hive Guard

    2 Zoanthropes

    The Doom of Malan’tai
    Mycetic Spore


    3 Warriors
    1 with Venom Cannon

    9 Genestealers
    Broodlord Upgrade
    Toxin Sacs

    22 Termagants

    27 Hormagaunts
    Toxin Sacs



    I have just gotten back into my tyranids. I started a tau army just before the new codex came out because my tyranid army was starting to bore me, but now I have bitten by the nid bug again, so I have been trying out new army ideas.

    In the tournament I only really played two games, so i still need to test this list out a couple of times before I decide if I like it or not, but basically my plan was to deep strike my doom as a distraction and my trygon to get hard to reach units like the defiler one of my friends likes to use (he likes to hide him in the back of the battle field and blast away at my troops). The hive guard and zoantropes make up my ranged anti-mech. The warriors are there mainly for extra synapse. This is the same reason for the prime upgrade on the trygon. I also outflank the squad of genestealers. I wasn't really planing on doing this before the tournament, but I also used the hive commander ability on my Hive Tyrant to outflank the unit of hormagaunts.

    The first game I played was against a necron army. I managed to phase him out in the fifth turn of the game, but I felt like I should have had a much easier time of it then I did. He had a really poor list. It consisted of two monoliths, a squad of three destroyers (I can't remember if they were heavy or not), two twenty man squads of warriors, and a lord with a res orb attached to one of the warrior squads. He managed to destroy my hive tyrant in the first turn of the game, and then I preceded to get terrible rolls on my reserves, so essentially for most of the game I was fighting him with the worst section of my army and everything else was coming in piece meal.

    The second game I played against my friend with his chaos marines. He is generally the person to beat at most of the tournaments. Its seems we always get paired up at some point and he usually crushes me. Generally he runs with a unit of plague marines, one or two squads or normal chaos marines, two rhinos as transports, a dred, havocs with missile launchers, a group of three obliterators, and either a couple terminators, or some noise marines. Oh and the defiler as mentioned above. Most of the units in his army have lots of plasma weapons as well. I made the same mistake in this game of being too aggressive with my hive tyrant early on, so he was able to level his guns on one unit at a time, and I was almost wiped off the board by the end of the game. It didn't really help that I completely forgot about the regeneration on my trygon, but it is not like that would have completely changed the game.

    Do you guys think that if I start with less in reserve and/or be more conservative with my Hive Tyrant in the beginning that this list will fare better in the next tournament? I am also worried that I do not have enough synapse. It feels like in the current codex it takes much more of an effort to get enough synapse coverage than it did in the last.

    Right now this list is sort of in a transitional period. I want to field an army with tons of toxin sac hormagaunts for troops, but I simiply do not have enough models at the moment.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Re: HELP!!! 1500 point Tyranid Tournament List

    Only problems that pop out at me:

    1. No tervigons. These are the best scoring options we currently have. You should try and make room for at least one.

    2. The Zoans need a mycetic spore, I consider this mandatory if you plan on using warp lance. It will sync well with hive commander/and your outflanking units etc.

    You could decrease termagant squad and drop DoM to get points, maybe the warriors too. once you get it figured out, max out on trygons.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: HELP!!! 1500 point Tyranid Tournament List

    more monsters is a good idea. a tervigon and a trygon would work well in this list. but you have todrop some of your troops, like the warriors and some gaunts for a tervigon and something you dislike for a trygon.
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