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Thread: optimal predator weapon loadout

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    optimal predator weapon loadout

    After dealing with railhead syndrome on my pred annihilator and the huge points sink it seems to be for me, I got to thinking that maybe full las cannon was indeed not the best choice for it. So that leads me to believe either taking the autocannon turret and las sponsons or the twin las turret and heavy bolter sponsons is much better. What do you guys think is the best load out for the super rhino?

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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    I have always liked the Annihilator Variant, but then again I find my Army lists usually are lacking in the anti tank department.

    I would go completely anti tank with the Las-Cannons, Or completely anti-infantry with The Auto-Cannon/Heavy Bolter Variant, If you combine the functions you never really get to see it live up to its full potential.

    If you have a lot of anti Tank in your army already then I would say go for the anti infantry variant.
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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    Either the dirt cheap AC/HB Pred or AC/LC Anti-Tank variant.

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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    What DarkCube says. Don't upgrade the turret.

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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    I find the AC with las sponsons to be the best, cheap and good vs AV

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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    My favorite Predator is the Chaos Predator with autocannon turret, heavy bolter sponsons, and a havoc launcher. I wish I had more excuses to take it, honestly.
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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    85pts is a LOT of anti-infantry. My recent discovery is how effective the Destructor pattern is against Dark Eldar vehicles.
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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    In my area, the Autocannon turret with Lascannon sponsons is the most popular. It balances a little versatility with decent points cost. The twin LC turret is just too expensive for most people. On the other hand, the all-anti-infantry loadout of HB/AC can bring the pain, as grayghost said, but in a mech-heavy environment isn't going to be too useful.
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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    ac/hb if your lacking anti infantry in your list or ac/lc for anti tank and mc. i love my tri las but i dont use them competatively they generally sit around so that they can be fielded in appoc or in rather large games. points wise the ac/hb is the cheapest but for versatility i gotta go with ac/lc its probably your best bet to be honest as paying 165ish points for a tri las is just way to expensive also unless your playing Ba you may find that you have to reposition the tank every once in a while so moving 6 and still have 2 str7 rounds is never a bad thing. and for anti tank it does its job adequately i mean honestly how often do you expect to face alot of av14? yes you see some of it you always will but dont take the las just cause you think its got a slight advantage personally id go ac/lc and simply use them in pairs

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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    AC/LC and AC/HB are the two most popular patterns, but it really depends on what kind of army you are running. If you field LC/PG Razorbacks, there is no need for more Lascannons. At worst, the AC/HB + HK missile loadout is a decent, versatile choice.
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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    For my SWs I just take one or two naked. Just AC turret and nothing else. It adds some anti transport fire combined with extra armor value to lead rhino columns.

    So it's basicly a slow but heavily armored Land Speeder.

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    Re: optimal predator weapon loadout

    I would also advocate the AC/las spon predator. Taking all las cannons is just too expensive.
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