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    4 Foot Sniper

    Issac "Eyes" Rookward

    Age: 31

    Height: 3' 6"

    Hair colour: Auburn

    Eye colour: Green

    Issac was born on the Ratling-world Deliverance III in the town of Coppenburg. At the age of 20 he was conscripted into the 51st Ratling Regiment.
    Whilst fighting Chaos elements on Severance V Issac saved Inquisitor Gabriel Sturn from a nasty case of disembowelment by shooting the berserker who was attacking him, in the eye from half-a-kilometre away, a shot he still maintains that he meant to make.
    Inquisitor Sturn sought Issac out and offered him a place with in his retinue. The ever shrewd Ratling agreed, reasoning that he was less likly to get killed and more likly to get a regular supply of Amesec and pipe tabacco, the thurther away from the front line he was and so accepted.
    Issac is a kleptomanic making him useful for "accquiring" anything from classified documents to decent quality Amesec depending on what Sturn wants. He also despises flying, a shame due to Sturn's "enthusiastic" flying style. Due to extensive training, practice and racial talent Issac is an excellent sniper.

    WS: 42
    S: 50
    T: 55
    I: 65

    right handed

    Equipment: Flak armour (on chest and legs), long rifle with lasersight and reload, laspistol with reload, knife, two smoke grenades, camo cloak (-15% to detection tests).

    Special abilities: Small (-20% to hit), deadeye shot.
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