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Kleptomania doesn't mean "is a very good thief". It's a pathological condition that means the sufferer compulsively takes and hides things from other people: often things of no monetary value. Kleptomaniacs, in fact, often take care not to take anything of value because they don't want it to be noticed and their interest in the object is as a psychological crutch, not for fencing.

Ratlings aren't kleptomaniacs. Rather, they come from a culture with a different attitude to property: that is, one with a strong element of "finders keepers". If they see something they think will be useful (a map, a pair of binox, a portable voxcaster, a magazine, some ready cash etc) that no one is looking after, their natural assumption is that is that it is surplus to requirements and therefore fair game. They aren't thieves by their own standards.

That said, because of their small size and natural agility and nimbleness, their attitude to property does make them predisposed to become very good thieves should they choose to do so.

I can see the Ratling's predisposition being an interesting trait in a game. For example, at the start of any scenario roll a D6 for each of his allies. If any dice comes up a 1, then he has stolen something from that ally which he has about his person, chosen by your opponent (or the GM, if present). This may be any pistol-sized weapon or other item of equipment of equivalent size or smaller that isn't physically attached to the ally (so no implant weapons or MIU interfaces!).

lol, i think a ratling's a good idea (why didn't i think of that?). are you going to use him as a character in a specific storyline?